Complessità e lacune nel sistema delle fonti statali

di Ugo De Siervo

The constitutional reform, which has been approved by the Italian Parliament and now is under popular referendum, could change radically the process necessary to adopt state legislation and the face of Italian regionalism. The most im-portant consequence of a “yes” vote would be the radical change of the Senate and an extension of the influence of the executive in the legislative decision-making. However, the poor quality of the constitutional amendments has produced confusion and uncertainty in the understanding of legislative procedures and in the rela-tionships among regions and state.
In light of the new changes, the article analyses the legal outcome of the reform showing the shortcomings and limitation of the constitutional bill under popular scrutiny. The author makes a warning that the “yes” vote on the constitutional bill could rise, on one side, the number of clashes between the two chambers and, on the other side, the conflicts among state and regions.

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